What is training?

Ans: After selecting the most suitable persons for the various categories of jobs in the organization it becomes necessary to make arrangements for their training. Without the right training, a person may be competent, but they cannot perform to their full potential on the job. It enables the employees to improve their knowledge, skill, and … Read more

What are the training methods?

Ans: There are a large number of training methods. The method to be selected depends on various factors like the cost of training, time available, number of workers to be trained, depth of knowledge required, etc. All the methods of training may broadly be classified into two groups – (a) On job method (on the … Read more

What do you mean by employee selection?

Ans: Selection means choosing from the number of applicants most likely to succeed in the new job. According to Dale Yoder, “Selection is the stage in the staffing process where candidates for employment are divided into two classes — those who will be offered employment and those who won’t.” The process could also be called … Read more

What is induction?

Ans: The last step of the selection of personnel process is the step of induction. The introduction of the employee to the job and environment is known as induction. It is a process by which new employees are introduced to the organization’s purpose, policy, and practices. What is placement? Ans: The placement of the candidate … Read more

What are the sources of recruitment?

Ans: The internal sources of recruitment are – For the general workers of the organization – appointing evil workers permanently, friends and relatives of the employees, trade unions, etc. And for the management personnel, the internal source is promotion. The external recruitment sources are – Advertisements in newspapers, journals, periodicals, employment exchanges, universities or other … Read more

ভারতের 5টি সেরা বর্ষাকালীন গন্তব্য 5 Best Monsoon Destinations in India What is Scientific Management? What are the Functions of Management? What is the concept of Management?
ভারতের 5টি সেরা বর্ষাকালীন গন্তব্য 5 Best Monsoon Destinations in India What is Scientific Management?