Private Walking Tour for American Visitors – 1776 Canada’s Road to Independence

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Best Quebec City must-do activity for Americans; a thorough yet enjoyable historical summary that you may relate to; exclusive use of a private lounge for refreshments and breaks; Your hotel in Old Quebec makes a convenient meeting location.
Since many Americans are unaware of how closely Canadian and American history is related, our trip focuses on the connections between these two nations. Do you know how French-speaking Canada and YOUR region of the continent are connected? The stunning city of Quebec City is the ideal location to research these relationships. Our journey explores the historical influences that molded Quebec and Canada, including early French settlers, the French & Indian War, the Boston Tea Party, the American Revolution, the Louisiana Purchase, the War of 1812, and the American Civil War.
This 3 walking tour will take us to locations in both the Upper Town and Lower Town that showcase Quebec City’s vital contributions to the development of contemporary Canada.

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A museum detailing Canada's military history, including the famous battles of Quebec City, from the time of the first French settlers through 1776.

1893 Canadian Pacific Railway Hotel, now Fairmont, is a national symbol of contemporary Canada from coast to coast.

After the development of contemporary Canada, this boardwalk was constructed as a memorial to the Royal family and its representatives. The French Governors' castle up until the French & Indian War is displayed in the Forts and Chateaux St. Louis National Park, which is situated UNDER the boardwalk.

French and Indian War monuments commemorating the conflict in Canada.

Built-in the year of the Louisiana Purchase, or 20 years after the United States' Independence, as a reminder of British Quebec City.

After the War of 1812, a stronghold was erected to Quebec City's fortification system to counter American aggression.

Famous ground battleground of the American French and Indian War. In contrast to Yorktown, Virginia, or Chalmette, in New Orleans, Louisiana, the British won the war here by beating the French. Following the 1763 Treaty of Paris, Canada became a British colony.

The St. Lawrence Seaway was controlled from this key outpost by the French and British, which was fortified with fortifications.

The only French-speaking province in Canada, Quebec has its legislature. Even though Quebec City is the province's capital and largest city, Montreal is its metropolis.

the first girls' school in North America, a top-notch museum featuring French art, and a catholic school. among the top 5 French heritage sites in Canada and Old Quebec.

The first hospital was built in North America, as well as a modern, top-notch wellness center and museum. among the top 5 French heritage sites in Canada and Old Quebec.

The upper town mostly refers to the area inside the walls of Old Quebec which is a Unesco World Heritage Site. high concentration of historical sites over 400 years.

Place Royale, Petit-Champlain, and the Old Port are the three primary areas that make up the lower town. high concentration of historical sites over 400 years.

Creating the first Catholic cathedral in French America and serving as the bishop of a diocese that stretched from Quebec City to New Orleans.

School for French Catholic missionaries sent throughout the continent to baptize Catholics in the French-speaking regions of North America. High School and the current Laval University School of Architecture.

An iconic structure erected in 1929 to serve as the headquarters of a pulp and paper firm. a 6-generation Welsh family that has persevered during the Great Depression and is presently active in high-end tourism in Quebec City.

On the same site, Canada's "Jamestown" and "Williamsburg" can be found: the country's birthplace and the location of the unfinished Museum District project from the 1970s. This location, which has been occupied continuously since Samuel de Champlain founded Quebec City in 1608,

In one of Old Quebec's top three shopping areas. two local architects who had the idea to reopen high-end artisan stores in the run-down Old Port neighborhood in the 1980s.

Among the top 5 Old Quebec museums. displays Canadian and Native American history.

The places where Benedict Arnold and Richard Montgomery, the two leaders of the unsuccessful "American" invasion of Canada in 1775, were routed. During the French, British, and Canadian eras of Quebec City's history, a man-made zone was created from water. Canada's former financial area and its current district of art and antique stores.

One of the French rampart's three gates. As part of Lord Dufferin's 1875 Quebec Improvement plan, which was influenced by the European historicist movement, original military structures with doors and small apertures were taken down and then rebuilt to resemble medieval structures.

Petit-Champlain and Upper town are connected via stairs.

When Frontenac repelled Boston invaders commanded by William Phips during King William's War in America, a military cannon platform was erected to Quebec City's defense system.

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  • There is a pickup service for passengers.
  • If your accommodation is in Old Quebec, our guide will meet you there five minutes before the start of the trip. If your hotel is not in Old Quebec, we will contact you and recommend a convenient meeting location.
  • There is a hotel pickup service available.


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  • Small toddlers and infants can travel in a pram or stroller.
  • Allowing service animals
  • There are local public transit choices.
  • Travelers should be physically fit at least to a moderate level.
  • Both visitors and employees have access to hand sanitizer.
  • Enforced social exclusion throughout the experience
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  • This excursion/activity is private. Only your team will take part

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