Describe the importance of advertisement to Marketing Divisions. What is a Sales Promotion?

The various functions of advertising can thus be listed below:

Stimulates Demand: By informing consumers about the availability of a product in the market, advertising stimulates latent needs and reinforces the around needs.

Strengthens other components of the promotion mix: Advertising helps salespeople by preselling the product and easing their workload.

Create Brand Preferences: Brand trial or purchase is frequently prompted by persuasive and consistent advertising.

Reduce costs: Advertising may be helpful in reducing the costs associated with manufacturing and sales.

Lower Prices: In any market-based and competitive economy, when the unit cost of a product goes down,

there are internal and external pressures that compel companies to lower prices to the advantage of consumers.

Conflicting Weapon: Advertising may show to be a very effective weapon to thwart competitive advances, both on its own and when combined with other components of the marketing mix.

In this context, sales promotion refers to non-repeating sales activities that are carried out outside of the normal course of business.