Briefly discuss the Steps for Effective Delegation of Authority.

Ans: Effective delegation is an essential managerial skill. Practical advice on developing and motivating staff, building loyalty, and giving and receiving feedback will increase your confidence and help you become a skilled delegate. To develop a culture of high delegation, management should practice the following steps:

What are the prerequisites for effective delegation?

Ans: Delegation is an art, not a science. It depends on the personality, skills, and attitudes of two actors: the delegator (one who delegates) and the delegatee (one who was delegated). The following are a few crucial conditions that must be met for effective delegation. a) Climate of openness, trust, and confidence among employees at … Read more

Briefly discuss the factors influencing Centralisation and Decentralisation.

Ans: Factors Influencing Centralisation To integrate organizational efforts, and achieve the desired level of coordination and control needed to meet certain objectives, an organization or manager needs to have some reserve authority. When a corporation is small, centralization makes it easier for individuals to take on personal leadership roles, provide for action integration and uniformity, … Read more

Briefly discuss the Matrix Structure and also state the advantages and disadvantages of the Matrix structure.

Ans: The Matrix Structure The matrix structure, which combines the functional and product organizational models, is typically developed for projects that call for both the expert skills of a functional man and the in-depth knowledge of a product man. A matrix structure is necessary for large turnkey projects in specialized fields. The matrix’s apparent structural … Read more

Briefly discuss: a) Chain of Command b) Span of Control.

Ans: a) Chain of Command Who reports to whom is made clear by the chain of command, an uninterrupted line of power that runs from the organization’s top to the lowest level. Authority and unity of command are two complementary ideas that must be discussed about the chain of command. Authority is the capacity to … Read more

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