Write short note on Communication process.


The Communication Process or Communication Models

Phase 1:

Sender has an idea: Sender develops an idea to transmit. It is the key step because unless there is a worthwhile message, the other steps are useless.

Phase 2:

Sender encodes the idea: Senders encode or convert the idea, into suitable words, charts, or symbols for transmission. That is the sender’s idea converted into a message.

Phase 3:

The sender transmits the message: When the message is finally developed, the sender transmits the message. To physically transmit the message to the receiver, the sender selects a communication channel (verbal or non-verbal, spoken or written) and a medium (telephone, letter, memo, e-mail, internet, face-to-face exchange). The choice depends on the sender’s need, speed, etc.

Phase 4:

The receiver receives the message: The receiver is the person to whom the message is meant in this step. The recipient must be a good listener if it is oral. If the receiver does not function partly the message is lost.

Phase 5:

The receiver decodes the message: The receiver must decode (absorb or understand) the message properly. The decoded message must be stored in Receiver’s memory. If everything goes well and the receiver understands the message properly, he can respond suitably.

Phase 6:

The receiver sends feedback: Two-way communication is mostly possible through feedback. After decoding the message the receiver’s response comes back to the sender. The sender needs feedback, because, it tells whether the message was received, decoded properly, accepted, and used. If the receiver does not understand the sender’s message correctly, the sender can revise his/her message. Therefore, feedback is the response of the receiver. It enables the sender to evaluate his/her message’s effectiveness.

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