21 Vital Traits of an Effective Leader: Paving the Way to Triumph

21 Vital Traits of an Effective Leader

In our current world, which thrives on speed and competitiveness, leadership goes beyond a mere title; it represents a quality that determines the success of both individuals and organizations. The attributes of a leader play a pivotal role in motivating teams, fostering innovation, and attaining extraordinary outcomes. Whether you aspire to become a leader or … Read more

Write short notes on Performance appraisal.

Ans: Performance evaluations are “a process and a system for determining the suitability of employees for other jobs, particularly of higher responsibility in an organization,” according to one definition of Performance Appraisals. Uses / Purposes of Performance Appraisals

Write short notes on Perception.

Ans: The process through which a person chooses, arranges, and interprets stimuli to create a meaningful image of the environment in which he lives is known as Perception. It is a complex process and differs from one individual to another depending on the needs, values and expectations of the individual. The perception of two individuals … Read more

Give a brief note on Leadership styles.

Ans: Refer to topics ‘Leadership Definition’, ‘Trait Theory’, ‘Behavioral Theories’, ‘Ohio State Studies’, and ‘Managerial Grid Theory’ of Unit at a glance. Contingency Theory of Leadership: Regarding this theory, Fiedler (1967) states that a leader may become effective if the situation is favorable in three ways. These include strong member-leader relationships, a task’s specifics being … Read more

Explain the Theory of the Hierarchy of Needs with the aid of the necessary diagram.

Ans: The Needs of Abraham II. Maslow A dysfunctional or hierarchical theory of motivation The behavioural psychologists A.H. Maslow and Frederick Herzberg, whose published writings are known as the Bible of Motivation, have supplied the philosophical underpinnings for the majority of motivational thought. Although Maslow himself did not apply his theory to industrial situations, it … Read more

What traits should a good leader have? What are the different leadership styles?

Ans: 1st Part: Qualities of a Good Leader: Utilize all of your organization’s potential – By fostering a sense of unity, you will be able to utilize all of your organization’s potential, including that of its departments, sections, etc. 2nd Part: Leadership styles are as follows:

ভারতের 5টি সেরা বর্ষাকালীন গন্তব্য 5 Best Monsoon Destinations in India What is Scientific Management? What are the Functions of Management? What is the concept of Management?
ভারতের 5টি সেরা বর্ষাকালীন গন্তব্য 5 Best Monsoon Destinations in India What is Scientific Management?